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Introduction to Geopolitical Economics AG and Christian Takushi.

Interview with Gergana Yancheva, MBA and member of CFA Institute. Switzerland – April 2015.

Disclaimer and Warning: The opinions expressed here reflect the personal view of Christian Takushi and the current stage of his Global Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Research. His analysis and views are completely independent. The view of our independent research contributors and experts in Christian’s global network was also taken into consideration. Readers should be aware that global macroeconomic and global geopolitical research are highly complex and subject to sudden changes and shocks, even more so the analysis of the link and interconnection between global geopolitics, economics and markets – as we do at Geopolitical Economics. Our view may change within 3 to 6 hours following an event of data release, and we will notify and advise our clients first. This website will only be updated a few days later!

Any Investment Strategy consideration is for institutional investors & corporate decision makers only. Other investors should NOT take any action based on our research without consulting a professional investment advisor first. They should heed the advise of professionals who can continually follow the markets for them and their portfolios. Overall this research should be considered as an additional independent perspective, and not as the sole basis for any important decision. No matter how realistic and correct our predictions may be, the same analysis could lead to very different conclusions and actions in different portfolios. That depends on portfolio structure, risk pattern, benchmark, reference currency, risk budget, personal background, tax profile, personal asset & liabilities and other factors.

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