Radio Interview: Left vs Right struggle and BREXIT (the finish line)

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Impromptu Radio Interview on the global struggle “Left vs Right” and  BREXIT: 

US Radio host Ron Myers (radio 74 Europe) interviews Economist Christian Takushi on 20 Nov 2018 on the global struggle between the Left and the Right. The main question was about BREXIT:
– Christian thinks that people like to correct the Political Process back to the middle. So the current swing back to the right is understandable after some 35 years of a liberal Policy Mix.
– Christian thinks Mrs. May has successfully delayed a deal; a Soft Brexit deal at that. That which she, as a committed liberal pro-European Remain campaigner, had to achieve to avert a hard Brexit.

Important note: Takushi doesn’t request questions in advance. He allows journalists to ask any questions they desire, according to their listeners’ needs. This unscripted approach allows for maximum genuineness.

Disclaimer: None of the voiced or written comments should be interpreted or construed as an investment recommendation

Independent Geopolitical Macroeconomic Research by Macro Economist Christian Takushi – Zurich, Switzerland in November 2018 – Switzerland

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